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  • The Main Panel Enclosure is the central hub for the Blast Gate Enclosures and controls the Dust Collector Power Enclosure.


  • You will need one Main Panel Enclosure for each dust collector in your shop.


  • A DC Power Supply is included with each Main Panel Enclosure.


  • The Main Panel Enclosure has a 3-position switch on the front.
    • Auto – This position is the mode of normal operation.
    • Stand By – This position disables all function of the Gate Goalie System.
    • Vac On – This position will turn on the dust collector only.


  • The Main Panel Enclosure has a variable delay setting that is used to set how long the dust collector runs after the last tool on the system is turned off.  This delay is useful for multiple purposes.
    • Allows the dust collector to clear the duct pipe of all chips and dust before turning off.
    • Allows time for the user to move to a different tool for another milling operation before shutting off.
    • It is recommended for dust collector motors, 3HP and above, to run for a period of time after starting up to allow the motor to cool down from the heat generated during startup.


  • The Main Panel Enclosure has a rest button that can be pressed to cancel the delay count down time. Just press the reset button for 2 seconds and the dust collector will shut down.

Main Panel Enclosure

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