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  • The Blast Gate Enclosure controls the opening and closing of the blast gate for a woodworking tool and sends a signal back to the Main Panel Enclosure to activate the dust collector.
  • One Blast Gate Enclosure is needed for each blast gate.
  • The Blast Gate Enclosure has a variable delay that can be set. The delay setting controls how long the blast gate stays open after the tool is turned off. This delay is intended to give the dust collector a chance to clear all of the chips and dust from the piping before closing the path.
  • The Blast Gate Enclosure also has a manual switch on it to allow the user to open the blast gate path without turning on the tool or the dust collector. This switch can be used to test the gate close delay setting and to set the speed of the pneumatic cylinder on the blast gate using the adjustable air valve settings.

Blast Gate Enclosure

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